Exterior Solar Screens

“Solar Screens block the HEAT, not the view.”

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Our solar screens offer an effective and practical way to cool and protect your home. The easiest way to keep your home cool is to stop the sun from entering. An exterior solar screen can block up to 95% of the heat entering your home, compared to about 30% for most interior treatments (curtains, blinds, etc.). The beauty of solar screens is that while they are blocking the heat and UV rays from entering your home, they are not blocking your view. The material used in our solar screens offer virtually distortion free viewing. The screens can be easily retracted at night or on those cloudy days for unobstructed viewing.

Solar Screen Features

  • Blocks up to 95% of solar radiation
  • Motorized or manually operated
  • Single widths up to 24′ feet
  • Drops up to 16′ feet
  • Available in solar screen, blackout, translucent, or acrylic fabrics
  • Five year warranty
  • Recommended by the Audubon Society as a way to prevent bird deaths due to crashing into windows