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Is your deck or patio too hot to enjoy on a sunny day? Are you tired of being rained on, on an otherwise enjoyable day? A retractable awning from Pike Awning Company just may be the solution. Your lifestyle deserves comfort, convenience, elegance, and quality.
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All of our products come with hundreds of fabric choices and can be operated by hand or motorized. Motorized options include remote control, wind or motion sensor, sun sensor or timers.

Eclipse Premier
The Eclipse Premier is an upgraded version of the classic Eclipse retractable with a lifetime frame warranty.  With upgrades to the shoulders, back torsion bar, and elbows, the Eclipse Premier is a stronger and more elegant option.  Available in a Semi-Cassette option, the Premier allows for the fabric to be fully protected when closed as the front bar and hood connect to create a waterproof seam.
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The most feature packed awning we offer. Options include, drop valance, adjustable tilt, cross-arm (allows an awning to project out farther than it is wide, which means it can be 10’ wide and project out 12’), full range of motorized options. The Eclipse also features an advanced belt arm tensioning system that lasts longer and keeps the fabric far more taut. Includes a 10 warranty on the frame system.
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Total Eclipse
When bigger is better, the Total Eclipse is the best awning for the job.  Featuring the largest projection of any retractable awning in the industry at 16’6″ the Total Eclipse will provide the most coverage.  Also featuring the advanced belt arm tensioning system and a 10 year framework warranty, the Total Eclipse can really transform any outdoor area.
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Durasol – Regal
The best economical retractable awning available. The Regal comes in custom widths between 6’1″ and 23′ with projections of 5′ 3″, 7′ 8″, 8′ 6″, 10’2″ and 11’2″. Featuring nylon coated double spring cable tensioning on extruded aluminum arms with cast aluminum shoulders. It has a 8 year warranty and is a great affordable option for anybody who doesn’t need the size or strength that other units provide.
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Eclipse Drop Arm
The Eclipse Drop Arm is a convenient way to provide shade over a window or porch when you need it. Available with a motor or crank operation, the Eclipse Drop arm is fully retractable so there is no need to take it down seasonally.
View the Eclipse Drop Arm Brochure(PDF)Drop arm retractable window awning
Butterfly Retractable System
The Butterfly retractable system allows you to bring shade and rain protection to any area.  This freestanding retractable can provide up to 400 sq. ft of shade at the push of a button.  Available at either 16′ or 20′ wide, the Butterfly retractable system provides protection from the elements when there is no wall or structure to mount off.
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